About Us

Arihant Shopee  is a well known name of World Wide Web and we are leaders in online technology. We always plan to provide benefits of technology to all users.
Now Arihant Shopee presents One SIM all mobile recharge software for all mobile recharge retailer and distributors. With the help of one SIM recharge software you can recharge any prepaid mobile phone, any DTH operators, all datacards and mobile bill payment etc.

What is One SIM Recharge?

One SIM recharge is a facility to recharge all mobile equipment. It works with the help of online recharge software. It is very easy method to recharge any online devices through a single SIM. It works only on simple sms and no need of any training.

How One SIM recharge software works?

One SIM recharge works with the help of two technology Mobile and Online. Agent send a request on a virtual number and virtual number send this request on our server. Where our one sim recharge application checks the status of SMS request and execute according to our business logic. After authentication the request provides a response accordingly through SMS gateway which user gets.
One SIM recharge application is best way to provide recharge facility to agents. It really enhances business of agents because of single source to multiple recharges. It recharges all mobile, DTH and Datacard through Single balance.